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Management Services

We believe that the key to good property management consists of:

  1. Thorough screening of prospective tenants
  2. Obtaining the highest possible rental income
  3. Exercising efficient control over operating costs

We are experts at providing this special attention that is too often overlooked in the general property management field. By limiting our management expertise to single family homes and condominiums, we are better able to pay more attention to details. Because of our expertise and dedicated commitment to quickly responding to client concerns, we are a rapidly evolving, highly successful and respected firm.

Effective tenant screening is the single most important factor in judging the credit worthiness of the prospective tenant. The cause for most evictions is non-payment of rent. We belong to several credit investigatory companies. The most specialized company checks if the applicant has ever been evicted in California. If an eviction is confirmed, the applicant is rejected. We also obtain and interpret either a TRW or TransUnion Credit report. These reports show if credit has been established, verify the prospect’s identity, past residence history, and payment history. The applicant we select will have good credit without derogatory references. We confirm current and proper landlord verifications relying more heavily on the prior landlord’s reference.

If a landlord is having a problem with an existing tenant, he may give false information. His problem tenant may become ours. Consequently, we do not put much credibility in this reference. Finally, income and employment is confirmed. We feel that the applicant would be earning three times the amount of the rent in order to afford to live in the property. Once a prospective applicant’s application is received a decision to accept or reject will be made within one to two days. Many times when prospects are relocating from out of the area, they will submit many applications. If we are able to make an informed and timely decision then we will secure a credit worthy tenant.

In addition to thorough screening, we also provide our client with the following services:

  • Planning rent schedule for property
  • Advertising property through all available channels
  • Showing property to prospects
  • Preparing lease to your terms
  • Inspecting property with tenant to verify that systems and appliances are in working order
  • Monthly rent collection
  • Serve notices: To pay or quit, evict, change in terms
  • Supervise adherence to lease agreement
  • Bring suits to collect rent, collect damages, or to regain possession of property
  • Handle tenant complaints and requests
  • Arrange emergency repairs
  • Periodically inspect property
  • Plan alterations and modernization programs
  • Hire and supervise maintenance, repair, and improvements
  • Purchase supplies and equipment
  • Pay: mortgage payment, property tax, special assessments, hazard and liability insurance
  • Maintain income and expense records: furnish monthly reports
  • Trust fund all moneys handled
  • Provide automatic direct deposit of monthly revenue funds (there is no bank charge for this service)
  • Insure your compliance with all applicable laws
  • Renegotiate lease
  • Maintain tenant goodwill

In determining a fee schedule much care has been put forth in keeping the owner’s, as well as, the agent’s goals in harmony. We charge ten percent of the rent as we receive it. We do not charge a lease fee which we feel may cause intentional tenant turn over. Likewise we do not charge a percentage on repairs or improvements. We pass on the savings to the owner. If your desire is only to have us fill a vacancy with the same care and diligence as outlined above without monthly management, then we charge one half of a month’s rent.

County Property Management is a respected firm among its’ real estate management colleagues. Memberships include the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Ventura County Board of Realtors, California Apartment Association and the Community Association Institute. The firm’s founders and co-owners, Richard J. Miller and Katherine Miller, are dedicated professionals with an aggregate total of 20 years in the real estate business. Richard Miller is a former state director of the California Association of Realtors, as well as, a past Director of the Camarillo Board of Realtors.
As skilled property management professionals, our goals are to constantly maintain client and tenant goodwill, increase your profit margin and keep your property value at its highest level.

We appreciate your interest in our firm and the service we provide. We look forward to doing business with you!