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At County Property Management, we’ve found a great deal of success over the years by devoting an equal amount of attention to both property owners and tenants. By serving both groups, we can create a truly beneficial experience for everyone involved. Case in point: the process of finding the right place to live through County Property Management is a bit different from our competitors. Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to tour properties all over town, we’ll sit down with you and intimately discuss your wants and needs. We’ll move heaven and earth to find the property that meets your description – if we don’t already happen to manage

Once you’re moved in, we continue to work with you on a daily basis to help make sure that all of your needs are attended to. If you need options with regards to how you pay your rent, for example, you can always do so using a debit or credit card right from your web browser. If anything goes wrong with the property in question, you can file a maintenance request right from your computer. One of our vendors will be by to fix the issue immediately. If you have an after hours emergency, you can also contact our emergency line at 805-482-9800.